It's Official - I'm 30. Am I Old Now?

We've had a big week, Ivy our smallest and definitely last baby turned one and four days later I broke into a new decade and hit The Big 3-0.

I'm not sure how I feel about it yet, my opinion changes each time I think about my age.
On the one have I freak out Joey from friends style (Why meeee?!) and wonder how on earth I got this old. I mean that's it now, I'm not in my twenties anymore, I'll be ticking a new box whenever I'm filling out forms, I can't make excuses because people in their thirties really ought to know better. We're fully fledged adults now right? Real grown ups.
I've never been travelling, still haven't got married or even engaged for that matter. I haven't lived enough to be thirty yet have I?

But then...I listen to friends saying their thirties is their favourite age so far, it's the best decade for them and I'm not old now, just a day older than yesterday. AND what I have done with my life so far ain't all that bad.
I've got three beautiful children, a man who loves me (even if he hasn't proposed yet) a roof over my head, great family and some truly awesome friends. And you know what, my friends have just got better as I've got older. We know who we are, we're not insecure and needy as we were 10 years ago. My mates now in my thirties are the best they've ever been and they're a huge part of my life as a mum and as Liz - because I do get to be just Liz occasionally!

I'm in a place where I know the baby making chapter of my life is finished. I can enjoy them growing up, starting school and being little monkeys. I can get my body back to some sort of normal. I can make more time for other people as my children are getting a little more independent. I can relax a bit more, enjoy the ride and look forward at whats to come.

I guess this is a good place in life to be in really. Happy, secure, loved and quite full of prosecco.

So cheers to you and happy birthday to me!

Speak soon xx


  1. Lovely writing. I am 35 this year, we are not old and you have achieved much! HAPPY BIRTHDAY!xx

    1. Ah thank you for reading and the birthday wish! No we are not old! Plenty of fun still to be had xx


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