Mum Friends, Mayhem & Much Love...

I'm now 9 months in to having three children and whenever anyone asks me how it's going I answer with 'it's busy!' or something like 'really hectic but at least they're cute' and I realised when talking to friends I never say that it's great or good or that yeah I'm really enjoying it - because actually I'm finding it really hard work. We have moments of pure bliss where it's the best thing ever and I couldn't love Ivy more, she's a wonderful addition to our family, but is it easy with three? Definitely not. Two kids is fun, three is just silly.

Logistically everything takes soooooooooooooo much longer. Getting everyone into the car with shoes on, coats on and bags is literally the least favourite part of my day. Meal times with more mouths to feed is chaos and there is no such thing as chilling with them because they all want different things from me at different times. Feeding Ivy, wiping Finley's arse, stopping Louis from trying to touch the dirty poo toilet water, back to Ivy to calm her down because she screams if I leave the room, back to stop Louis climbing on something and seriously injuring himself, Finley's now asked me 30 times in a row for a drink, now Louis wants one too, and Ivy's crying again because I'm not there. This is my life now.

Thankfully I've got the best thing to help me through this. Nope not gin. Well yes actually gin helps a lot but apart from that - Some bloody good friends that I can have a proper rant to. Without them I'd be totally lost. This mum life is no joke, kids can be absolutely brilliant and also total hard work. Lately I've been feeling overwhelmed with the sheer amount of work having three little ones can be at times. The age gap doesn't help, maybe if they were more spaced apart it would be easier and I'm sure when Finley starts school in September the load will feel lighter but right now it's a lot.
However with the help of my mum friends I'm getting through.
My mum pals are the ones who you can say anything to and they won't judge you. They're the ones who you can send simply an angry face emoji to and they'll call and ask how they can help. They'll take my screaming child even for 10 minutes just so I can breathe and they'll make you and your brood of children tea if you've stayed a bit too long because they know how much it helps. They know because it helps them too. They know because they get it.
They are the perfect women to have in your corner and I feel very lucky to have them.

Of course it's not all doom and gloom, we have so many happy times and I'm the typical 'capture every cute moment with your iphone mum' my facebook is full of gorgeous smiles from all of them but behind the scenes I think everyone struggles some days. And that's ok.

To my mum friends - a thousand thank you's, I love you all dearly.
To you guys reading this - keep strong, we're all in the same boat.

Speak soon x