Small Victories...

I started this blog post thinking I was going to write about how hard I'm finding it with three children, how it's utter chaos most of the time and that I'm struggling. But - I'm aware that the last couple of posts have been on the negative side. I'd hate for you to think that I don't enjoy motherhood or that I have an awful time with my children - I don't! I love those little monkeys to pieces and we have so much fun together it's just easier to write about the bad things, have a rant, a vent and get it off my chest so I can put it behind me.
So instead today I'll focus on what's positive about my day. These are everyday, mundane things that to those without kids sound like no big deal at all - but we know different. These are my small victories.

This morning I gave all three kids a bath! Hooray! It's become clear that baths in the evening are too difficult. It's the witching hour, they're tired, I'm tired, The Man usually isn't home and its stressful. Baths in the daytime though, great! No stress, the boys think its silly and funny to have a bath after breakfast (or lunch - yep I've done that too) The Baby doesn't have a clue what time of day it is so she really isn't fussed and I felt really pleased with myself for achieving a fun bath time. And I showered. That's right ladies today I'm fresh as a daisy!

I took them to the park (drumroll please) myself! Now I've always been quite an outdoorsy mum. I like getting them out as much as I can for a walk or to the park, hell even just to the shop for a change of scenery and fresh air but since having The Baby Girl I admit I've found that a lot more difficult. The third child coupled with The 1yr Old now walking made trips out a lot harder so I've been going with friends or my mum and relying on them to help me keep an eye on the sprogs like a big parenting team (thank you girls by the way). But I don't want to be the mum who never takes her kids out because it could be hard work so - today I timed it beautifully just after a bottle, before naps and lunch and I even let The 3yr Old go on his scooter. Mum award please!

I fed them without getting annoyed at the mess. Winning!

I have put The 1yr Old down for a nap in his new bed successfully. He is now sharing a room with his older brother ready for The Baby Girl to have her own room and he is in a bed, not a cot. Night time seems to be ok but naps are proving more tricky. He likes to play the 'I'm gonna get out of bed and walk to the door 25 times' game. But today only around 15 times and now he's asleep. Tomorrow I'm gonna aim for 10 times, I will beat this!

I think the thing is with children when its bad, my god it's really bad. Pull your hair out, cry in the kitchen, have a minor breakdown bad. But when its good? Its sooooo good. They are your little creations so beautiful and cuddly and your heart quite literally melts when you look at them.
Yeah some days are really rough but would I change it? Never.

Speak soon x