A Pregnant Poem

There was a mum blogger called Mum Still Standing,
Who now was so pregnant she had a hard time....standing,
Her third baby was coming,
There is no more running,
Her belly can do no more expanding.

She has a young three year old and a one year old too,
They both drive her crazy with all the whining and poo,
One says "I can do it" though he probably can't,
So she spends lots of time trying to be 'patient' and 'glad'.

Her littlest boy, although very cute,
Was a clingy little bugger with some tantrums to boot,
He can't yet walk - which would really be helpful,
These boys with a baby could drive her slowly mental.

Our latest addition will be dressed in pink,
The thought of labour again makes me want a strong drink,
Last time was drug free,
It was hellish for me,
But now it's too late to rethink.

I have just over two weeks to go,
Until this bump is going to blow,
I'd like it to be quicker,
I'm fed up with this tiny kicker,
I have certainly lost my 'glow'.

So soon we'll be a family of five,
We're going to have to learn a whole new jive,
It'll be f**king hard,
It'll be all sorts of fun,
But hopefully our family will thrive.

I promise to blog as often as I can,
But please bear with me,
It might not go to plan,
I'll make an announcement when the birthing is done,
And as soon as I can I'll be back to join the fun.

Speak soon x