Holidaying Really Pregnant...

We've recently come back from holiday, a really nice short family break up near Snowdonia in Wales. My friends and I would quite like to walk up Snowdon but this trip being 8 months pregnant was not the time to investigate!

I've been pregnant on holiday before, mainly because in the last 4 years I've been more pregnant than not, but this time was hard I wont lie. There were a few things that I found myself struggling with.

Being in a swimming costume. Now I know pregnancy is a beautiful thing, its natural and gorgeous and all that jazz but I felt like a whale. I'm not just a little bit preggers, I'm big, 8 months big and standing there in next to nothing with this huge belly protruding out and boobs that could act as life floats made me feel...well, not so great. In clothes its different but in a swimsuit was a whole new experience. Before I found I was having another baby I'd lost two stone and was starting to feel good about my body again, now that the previously vanished cellulite has returned to my thighs my mood was less than joyful about having that on view for all the other skinny-bikini-wearing mums to see. The Man was very sweet and told me that the added cellulite was just there for extra support to hold up our new baby girl (bless him!) and I still did it of course - my insecurity had to come second to the boys having a good time, we went swimming for a couple of hours every day and the boys loved it, seeing them smile and having fun was worth it even if I wanted to curl up and die every time I stepped out of the water.

Oh and as a side note, carrying a 1yr old in your arms, the 3yr old walking beside you coupled with an enormous bump earns you some funny looks in and out of the pool. You can see the thoughts practically popping out of their heads "my god they're going to be busy" - "do you think that third one was planned or not?" - "are they all her children?" - "maybe they're one of those crazy couples that are going to have 19 kids" I felt like wearing a sign saying 'The morning after pill doesn't always work kids! Be safe!'

The other thing that got me was having to remember I'm more pregnant than I think I am. Gone are the days of pregnancy number 1 when you came home and had nap, put your feel up during the day and all have the time in the world to check your apps and books and see that baby is now the size of a grapefruit. I have two boys to run around after, pick up after, dress every morning and continue every day mum life with. It only dawned on me while we were away that I don't actually have long left. This signal came in forms of being out of breath just from the short walk from the caravan to the entertainment bit, having to pee for the 50th time and needing to hold my belly up for a while because the pressure was becoming too much. One day we visited a castle and I needed a sit down and a snack before we could come back down!

We also have another short break booked for September and I couldn't help but look at things and think 'this is going to be very different with our 3rd child next time'. I was looking at pretty much everything in a new light. The car: already jam packed with stuff let alone another person and all the baggage those tiny humans come with. Swimming: we will be out numbered, we will literally not have enough arms. Walking: do we take the double buggy (which takes up an enormous amount of boot space) or do we have one in a backpack carrier and one in a front carrier and look like a really happy we-can-do-this-family?! This was brain overload for me. If any of you have 3 kids let me know your tips please! Seriously I'm stuck.

This didn't take away from our holiday, it was lovely having family time but it's made me realise that it's near - the change is near. Soon we'll be a family of 5. I've come to terms with my pregnancy a lot more now, time has helped but it's getting close to D-Day....nail biting time. Right now I'm almost 34 weeks (no longer measurable in fruit sizes) and she will be here any day. I'll keep you posted!

Speak soon x

P.S. Thank you for all the love on my facebook page, particularly for my bare bump stretch mark post. I had a moment of feeling empowered and you were all so great. Much love xx