All At Once...

Today's story is called All At Once.

Are you sitting comfortably? OK then I'll begin...

It's a bloody horrible rainy day, I'm trying to be one of those 'good mums' that does activities with their kids instead of letting them watch TV and play with cars all day. We're still in pajamas but in a fun way coz we normally get dressed pretty early and its nice and chilled. 
We do some colouring (by the way, when do they stop just scribbling and actually try to colour in the fire engine?) I have thoughts of letting him loose with play doh later - we'll see how we get on - but we have made some flapjack together which he's very proud of and wants to phone Daddy to tell him.
"Mummy I need a poo." We go to the toilet. No poo. 
"Lets wait for your poo." 
"I'm finished Mummy, just wee."
OK fine. I get started on changing The 1yr Old's nappy which does actually have poo in it, I'm just wiping which is always risky because he likes to grab the wet wipe and subsequently get poo on his hands, we then race to see if I can clean his hand before he puts it in his mouth when...
"MUMMY I need a poo!"
He rushes to the toilet that he can't get up on without me, I'm rushing with getting a nappy on a squirming baby when he announces,
"I've done poo in my pants."
For f**k sake!
And at that exact moment of trying to get him on the loo without getting sh**ty poo pants everywhere while The 1yr Old in his un-buttoned vest and bare legs is trying to climb up my legs the oven timer goes off for the flapjack and just keeps ringing and ringing like some hellish chuckle from the parenting gods telling me I've got myself in a right state and now my flapjack is going to burn too.

20 minutes later and I pass a bit of gas (this is pregnant wind and not too pleasant I admit) and he says to me "Mummy you poo in pants too?"
Oh happy days.

Speak soon x